How to Create Google Analytics Account for track Traffic to your Website

Hi friends, in this post I am going to tell you about how to create Google Analytics Account  inorder to track your website traffic.

First off all   you need to have a gmail account  to create google analytics  account .  This gmail account will be the  account, which will be used to login your Google Analytics account and see the Complete Data.

So, you have  decided which gmail account account  has to be used  to create google analytics account. Follow below steps to create Google Analytics Account.

  • Click here to Google Analytics website
  • If you have Google Account or created new one for this Google Analytics account, click sign in now . If you do not have, create one gmail account to start.

  • After Sign in to Google Analytics account, Click on the Sign up  to start using Google Analytics Now.
  • Here, Give your Account name, Website name , website URL, select an industry category and Time Zone .
  • Click on Get Tracking ID inorder to integrate in your website now.

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